For most of the 20th century, metal roofing products were manufactured exclusively for industrial and commercial buildings because of its impressive durability, minimum maintenance and optimum strength. It fits perfectly into the commercial and industrial tight budgets and was always produced in a non-aesthetic manner. The high maintenance wood, clay and slate were the only aesthetic and eye pleasing alternatives available for residential architectural like villas, farm houses and hotels.


Karmik Exports is a Jaipur based enterprise which encompasses trading in supreme quality roof tiling and housing solutions, along with being a renowned pan-India importer. We believe in providing products and into reality.

The new age décor and styling standards require solutions that are long lasting, exquisite and innovative at the same time. which are 1/6th the weight of regular stone tiles used for the roofs of villas and bungalows.


RELDOR stone coated roofing comes with a plethora of advantages, which makes it the smartest choice you can make, when it comes to roofing solutions.

All weather performance
Wind resistant: It can effectively withstand high windspeed of upto 120 mph.
Fire Resistant: Certified nonflammable and non-combustible materials used for your safety.
Hail Resistant: Provides protection against hail as it has a Class 4 Impact (the highest level)
Snow, ice and thaw resistant.
Ecologically sustainable choice

Ecologically sustainable choice

Why to Karmik Exports?

Durable & Built to Last :

Unlike other roofing materials, a stone – coated steel roof offers superior durability: it will not break, curl, split, crack, warp, or absorb water. The interlocking design of the roof panels, makes it resistant to heavy rain.

Lightweight & Easy to Install :

A stone – coated steel roof is incredibly lightweight, weighing as little as 500 , whereas alternative roofing products can weigh as much as – coated steel roof over most existing roofs, eliminating the cost.

Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient :

If you are an environmentally – conscious homeowner, you will love a stone – coated – because it is 100% recyclable. Steel roofing systems can be recycled an infinite number of times without degradation.

High Resale Value :

In the event you ever choose to sell your home, having a stone – coated steel roof will not only increase the resale value of your home, it will also be highly appealing to sticking points that can make or break a home sale.

Distinct Looks & Versatile Styles :

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of stone-coated steel the wide variety of who are looking to add some curb appeal to their home. Advanced technology makes it possible to imitate the premium look of clay.

Safe & Secure Protection from Natural Disasters :

A stone – coated steel roof is designed to protect your home even in time of major Because the roof is made of steel, it is prevents the panels from lifting and allowing blowing embers to ignite the roof deck.